Specialized Service Program

Commonwealth Clinical Group offers evaluation and treatment to adult and juveniles with problem sexual behavior. The program provides group, individual, and family counseling in order to treat a wide range of sexual paraphilia and personal/ sexual boundary concerns. Counseling sessions are conducted using a Cognitive- Behavioral approach. Additional theoretical frameworks and treatment approaches are supplemented in order to best provide effective interventions to clientele with differing needs.

The following services and interventions are provided:

‣ Intake Assessments

‣ Specialized Group, Individual, & Family Therapy

‣ Adult & Juvenile Sexual Offender/ Psychosexual Evaluations

‣ Pre-Release Risk Assessment

‣ Psychiatric Evaluation with Medication Management

‣ Abel Assessment for Sexual Interest

‣ Therapeutic Polygraph Assessment

‣ Specialized Groups for Non-Contact Offenders

‣ Specialized Groups for MH/IDD Offenders

‣ Assessment of Risk Evaluation

‣ 5329 Custody Evaluation

‣ Mental Health Evaluation

‣ Anger & Violence Intervention Program

‣ Child Psychosexual Evaluation

‣ Specialized BHRS Program (MT, BSC, & TSS) (Berks Location Only)

Accurate assessment and effective treatment is possible only within the parameters of a teamwork approach. This includes collaboration with parole and probationary agents/offices, corrections staff, children and youth services, case management workers, residential staff, and family/peer supports.

Commonwealth Clinical Group maintains a flexible position regarding payment for services in all locations: private insurance, state medical assistance funding, inter-agency contract, and self payment. Self payment is available on a sliding scale.