Commonwealth Clinical Group offers evaluation and treatment to adult and adolescent sexual offenders. The program provides group, individual, and family counseling in order to treat individuals suffering from sexual paraphilia, sexual addiction or other sexual disorders. Counseling sessions are conducted using a Cognitive-Behavioral approach. Additional theoretical frameworks and treatment approaches can be supplemented in order to best provide effective interventions to clientele with different needs.

   Accurate assessment and effective treatment is possible only within the parameters of a teamwork approach. This includes collaboration with parole and probationary agents/offices, corrections staff, children and youth services, base service unit caseworkers, residential staff, and other supervising agencies.

  Commonwealth Clinical Group maintains a flexible position regarding payments for services, accepting private insurances in all locations, and payment through Medical Assistance and Managed Care funding in our various locations.  Private payment is offered on a sliding scale based on the client's capabilities where applicable.

The Specialized Services Program at Commonwealth Clinical Group is certified by the Pennsylvania Sexual Offenders Assessment Board as an approved treatment provider.


The following services and interventions are provided to comprehensively address issues of problem sexual behavior:

‣ Intake Assessments

 ‣ Specialized Group, Individual, and Family Therapy

 ‣ Adult and Juvenile Sexual Offender Evaluation

‣ Pre-Release Risk Assessment

‣ Psychiatric Evaluation with Medical Management

‣ Abel Assessment for Sexual Interest

‣ Therapeutic Polygraph Assessment

‣ Specialized Groups for Non-Contact Offenders

‣ Specialized Groups for Offenders with Co-Existing Mental Illness or Cognitive Impairment

‣ Assessment of Risk Evaluation

‣ 5329 Custody Evaluation

‣ Mental Health Evaluation

‣ Anger & Violence Intervention Program

‣ Psychosexual Evaluation for Sexually Aggressive & Reactive Youth