Consistent with the treatment philosophy of Commonwealth Clinical Group, providing psycho-education is an important component of the specialized intervention process. The treatment and education of family, friends, and individuals in the community is vital to the progress of individuals who are in treatment for problem behavior. From a larger perspective, educating all members of the community plays an important role in the prevention, identification, referral, and treatment of abuse victims and perpetrators of abuse. Commonwealth Clinical Group provides the following services aimed at increasing community awareness, providing education prevention, and encouraging specialized intervention:

Psycho-Education & Treatment

‣  Psycho-educational therapy for non-offending  parents, supports, & caregivers

‣  Healthy sexual education for adults, adolescents, and children

‣  Sexual abuse prevention therapy

‣  Individual therapy for victims of abuse

‣  Family reunification therapy

‣  Family and community safety planning

Specialized Training

‣  Psycho-educational training in all areas of sexual abuse / sexual:

• Research • Prevention • Treatment• Assessment of Risk

‣ Consultation and Safety Planning in all Community Settings:

• Home • School • Church • Hospital • Residential