The treatment philosophy and frame work maintained by the specialized treatment team at Commonwealth Clinical Group is guided by principals and research driven practice standards set forth by the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers (ATSA) and the Pennsylvania Sexual Offenders Assessment Board. In compliance with these standards, the professionals that makeup this treatment team are committed to the welfare of our clients, relationship with professional colleagues, and the safety of the community as a whole. This comprehensive treatment approach is aimed at providing this unique population of clients with the education, clinical intervention, and support needed to prevent future victimization and harm to self and/or others. 

Reaching beyond the individuals that create or become victims of sexual abuse, the professionals at Commonwealth Clinical Group strive to increase community awareness, provide prevention education, encourage the importance of treatment and present a foundation to address these difficult issues. For individuals who genuinely want and need support in changing harmful thoughts and behaviors, the staff members at Commonwealth Clinical Group are committed to helping people get back on the path to a healthy and safe lifestyle.

The Specialized Service Program at Commonwealth Clinical Group is certified by the Pennsylvania Sexual Offenders Assessment Board as an approved treatment provider.